Jeepin By Al,

It’s not often I find a company that is so great, I want to tell everybody about.  I read through forums and did extensive research before putting any money towards a lift.  Everyone said that you were the guy to go through.  Of course, the full coil lift is more expensive than a crappy spacer lift, but you were the cheapest complete lift in the market.  Finally installed the lift on my Jeep and it is everything and more that people raved about!!! You had the best price on the OME lift and all other accessories with the lift, with the best customer service.


South Carolina


Just want to say "thank you" for your help with the purchase of your 4XGuard for my 2010 Commander. IT LOOKS GREAT! Went together fairly easy, only 2 1/2 hours in my driveway and it's done. Your quality product shows in how you package and ship. Completely foam protected and no damage at all. I would highly recommend you, JeepinByAl and 4XGuard. Look forward to doing more business with you.
Thank you,
Plantation, Florida

If the forums are an accurate representation of your fan base, you guys are doing a great job.  Keep it up and thanks for catering to a limited market.... (And) I have to tell you, your blog also sold me on your company.  As a father I related to your blog about your sons. G.L., Arizona

I got my Matrix the other day, put it on for a fit test without the grill hoop...  LOVE IT!!!  Worth the wait!!  I am so glad I did not waste my money on another guard that doesn't offer any real function and only looks pretty.  I've been walking around bragging about the guard, people check it out and love it. Thanks for making a great product.  I wish more people/companies would worry about making a quality product rather then making a quick buck. A.B., Minnesota

Your product is AMAZING.  My wife and I attend the Catskill Jeep Jamboree this weekend with a stock 2005 Grand Cherokee.  We found the trails to be very challenging, and if it weren't for your rock rails I'm sure I'd have thousands of dollars in body damage to deal with this week.  I've attached a few photos of our weekend … hopefully they'll give  your future customers an idea of how great your rails are.  Thanks for an outstanding product! J. R., New York

Guys – thanks for the Rola roof rack.  It makes the Commander look good!  I was impressed by the ease of installation and lightweight but sturdy construction. K.M., Colorado

Fit like a glove, awesome fab job! Skids look great! Can't wait for Saturday to try them out! Thanks again!! C.A., Illinois

I finally was able to get on the trail w/ the sliders and belly guard. I can tell you for a fact the belly guard is the only reason I was able to run the trail all day and drive home after with my vehicle intact. Its an awesome product. M.D., New York

I must say these are some awesome quality parts. I'm glad I made the choice to go with your parts. They are obviously well thought out and produced... B.H., Colorado

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased I am with the rear guard…The rear guard is awesome and we can hardly wait to “try” it out at the next Jeep Jamboree.  T.C., Texas

…Great products!!  The workmanship is top notch and I am very happy I do not need to drill a million holes like I did with the... (product name deleted) ...rock rails I put on my Cherokee (not to mention it took several weeks to get them).  T. R., North Carolina

I want to thank you both for your extraordinary customer service. To take the time to take care of my order in the midst of your travel preparations was above the call. All of my 4XGuard products arrived in just a few days in perfect condition with no missing parts. You sure do wrap a mean package.

Again, thank you both very much. America would have a different feel to it if everyone had your work ethic.K. D. Washington

I just finished installing the Front Guard and fixed the Rear Guard. The skid plates look great. Thanks. T.Y., Japan

I just got back from Iraq and finally got the chance to install all of the products that I ordered from you.  I just wanted to let you know that the parts look great and I appreciated all of the help with ordering and all of the updates with the back ordered parts. E.R., Texas

My favorite 4xGuard product is the side steps. I love how they aren't bulky and blend in with the black plastic panel at the bottom of my WK. D.R., Virginia

(1) I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I received and installed the Belly Guard today for my XK. I really am very happy with the quality and fit of the item. It will provide some really vital protection for my exhaust and transmission. C.C., California

(2) I received the front guard yesterday, and installed it this morning. WOW! the finished install is awesome! I am very happy with the part.
C.C., California

I have been very pleased with the front and rear HC guards, and just ordered the belly guard. T.M., Oregon

Functionally, they are well made. Enough barely sticks out to make it a functional step, but not so much that you are hitting them on exit. And I think they do add that finishing touch, without making it look like a mall rat, like some floorboards. R.W., California

Your products are great and I definitely like the look … it takes a Jeeper to know that they are add-ons and not original equipment. J. C., Arizona

NICE, REALLY NICE, not only thicker and stronger but cleaner line's...Any way just wanted to share the joy, I appreciate good things. Shopping carts and curbs at the mall don’t stand a chance. K.D., Louisanna

If you go with the Superlift (4") then I can only say go with for the purchase. ... the vendor specializes in WK products and supports what they sale. They have helped me out on numerous occasions on building my rig (and) I love having their products to protect my WK. W.V., Colorado

Very impressed on the quality and detail of the design. I like the way the logo is stamped into it. I'm sure it can take a beating. K.W., Nevada

I took my WK to Camp Jeep last week.  No damage, your products worked great. T.R., North Carolina

I wanted to thank you again for the service, both parts showed up
undamaged during shipping and were packed very nicely.  Things went on
very smoothly and the use of existing holes and mounting points shows a very high level of engineering work. M.F., Illinois

Thanks for the great service on selling and shipping the side guard rails I just ordered. WOW, Installation was a breeze! I never imagined I could have had it done in less than an hour! Thanks again for everything. I'm loving it!. E.T., Arizona

Bloody brilliant contraption (re Side Guard HC). Clever use of the existing holes on the underseam. Looks very cool. Pretty easy to fit. And once again thanks for all your help. One happy customer!. A. S., Australia

I have enjoyed doing business with 4xguard and I definately will be doing business with yall again!  Yall have been great!!! K.T., Alabama

Thanks!  I just installed the Belly Guard.  Really solid!  I can't wait to try it out. G.R., MI